Musically Montessori: With Children, Music Comes Naturally!

IF YOU ARE FEELING SHY ABOUT OFFERING MUSIC TO YOUR GROUP OF LITTLE ONES, PLEASE READ ON. The Montessori environment is perfect for music experiences!

Responding to music almost comes as second nature to young children and that makes music activities effortless and definitely engaging for these little ones. 

It's the new school year, and this year you want to offer a complete curriculum to your Montessori children. Not only the lovely Sensorial, Math and Language materials, the amazing Sensorial and Cultural Activities, but also a beautiful "studio setting" for the Arts, including cooking, gardening, drawing, painting, woodworking, and music!

The Montessori approach is such an ideal model of teaching to the "whole child" with its emphasis on inviting the child to explore this prepared environment that is sensory-rich, offering child-appropriate choices, and filled with versatile learning materials made of natural woods that appeal to the aesthetic sense. 

To offer all of these learning experiences to the young child can be so exciting, and at the same time, a bit intimidating! 

Here is the good news: When it comes to little children, music comes naturally! So, here is one area of learning that you can offer that gives the whole child the experiences that nurture every domain of learning. And, the children will be instantly engaged!

From babyhood, children respond to hearing music by moving every part of the body and their listening abilities are tuned to discerning the sounds around them so that they can develop the language skills they need. 

So, music is a natural for the early childhood setting! I know you are thinking about its importance in the daily life of your group, and I hope you have been able to get lots of ideas here at my Blog. If this is your first visit, please feel free to explore a little. (or a lot!) 

Click here: MUSIC, or type in a topic in the search bar to see my collection of articles about music in the Montessori environment.

One of my most popular articles is about introducing young children to music notation with hands-on games and Montessori style Sensorial activities. 

Click here to read that article: Montessori-Style "Sandpaper Music Notes" and Fun Extensions  

I have often been asked about my Montessori-style "sandpaper music notes", and sometimes readers have even asked where they can get them. 

Well, I made mine a long time ago, and the children really love them! So, I decided to make a DIY along with Lesson Plans on how to make and use Montessori-style "sand paper music notes". 

However, I don't offer the sand paper music notes until after the children have had lots of concrete experiences with everyday singing, music echo rhythms, focused listening activities, and playing rhythm instruments. 

I begin introducing all these engaging activities to the children during the first weeks of school, and they so enjoy every one of them!

Here is a video I made recently, featuring an audio clip of a Montessori group of 3 to 6 yr olds reciting echo rhythm patterns. We do these activities at every music circle and the children seem to never tire of them. On the contrary, they just get better and better at them!  

After a few weeks of practicing echo rhythms, the children are ready for exploring written music notation, the Montessori way! 

Here is my brand new Musically Montessori Lesson Plan Activity Pack at my TpT Store: Introducing Music Notation to Young Children and "Sandpaper Music Notes"

If you would like to set up your Montessori Music Curriculum with a sequential set of activities that build skills and bring all areas of music to your group, you might like to enroll in my on-line eCourse, Musically Montessori: First Twelve Weeks. 

Take 10% off with this coupon code: SUMMIT2016. (Regular price $120. until August 28th, then the price goes up to $135. for the course!)

You can meet with me every Sunday and I will coach you along with a new music lesson plan that focuses on a basic concept of music that can be offered to the children in a fun way. 

You'll also learn my secrets of managing the group, offering a sequence that builds skills, and increasing your own skills as a Montessori educator.

I would love for you to join my FaceBook LIVE SESSION on Friday, August 26th at 2PM  Pacific Time.

This LiveStream Video will be at my site to view anytime, just in case you miss the Live Session. Here is that link: Magical Movement Company & Kids FaceBook Page  .
This Facebook Live video is viewable anytime and I would love to hear your ideas. Just leave them in the comment section at the end of the video.

Looking forward to "seeing" you there!

This article is one of the many resources you will find at the "Montessori Monday Link-up" at Living Montessori Now. 

Hope you enjoy exploring all these resources.

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Montessori Music Activities For the First Week of School!


For many, the school year is starting up, and Montessori classrooms are welcoming children with some fun new, and some old, familiar activities.

Bringing music to the first experiences that children will be having is a wonderful way to begin the process of becoming a little Montessori learning community!

The children in my groups have always enjoyed this shelf work that has a lovely little replica of a "pond" along with 5 green speckled frogs, a "log," and even some bugs!

The "pond" is a handmade model of a pond that I found in a thrift store, and it makes a lovely setting for a child to arrange the log, the frogs and the bugs while singing the familiar children's song, "Five Green Speckled Frogs."

You could also simply laminate a photo of a pond and use that instead of a wooden model of a pond.

Here's a link to listen to or download the song:
Harlesden Music Man, 5 Green & Speckled Frogs 

After the first few days, I have sometimes added "water pouring" to this work, so that the child can fill up the pond! Before we know it, we've introduced a Practical Life Activity to this fun musical experience!

For an enrichment to the Language Arts of this activity, I've printed out the words to the song, laminated it, and then placed it on the tray for the child to "read"  (and sing) while manipulating the little objects.

These pleasant sounding maracas (called Chiquitas) can be placed in a basket on the Music Shelf so that two children can make music together at work time during the first days of school.

They have a quieter sound than regular maracas, so that they aren't disturbing to the other children. They also provide lots of small motor practice for the child when gripping the handle to shake and make a sound!


Walking on the Line, of course, aids the child in developing coordination and when music is added there is an element of focused listening that enhances the cognitive development in the child.

Sometimes, I have set up a permanent Montessori Line, and at other times, I have provided a length of rope so that a child can set up their own Line to practice walking along during work time. Just put on some circus style tight rope walking music and the children have great fun walking along this "tight rope Line"! 

CLOSELY SUPERVISE children at all times when ropes are being used.

I have included all of these sweet and simple activities (and more!) in the first lessons of my upcoming on-line eCourse, Musically Montessori: First Twelve Weeks.

You can also get lots of ideas for getting your Montessori music curriculum off to a great start with my eBook, Musically Montessori: First Lessons.

If you haven't already done so, you can sign up for my email list and get my eBook for free (retail value: $12.99)! The sign up is on the sidebar of this blog.


I would love to hear about the musical activities you are offering your group during the first days/ weeks of school. Please feel free to comment in the section below. I always read comments and really enjoy hearing your ideas!

Don't miss the wonderful resources at the Living Montessori Now site. This article is part of the "Montessori Monday Link-up" along with many other articles from Montessorians world wide. Here is that link: Montessori Monday.

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Do You Have Your Montessori Music Shelf Ready For a Fun School Year?


Okay, so you have your sparkling Sensorial Area all set up. Your Math shelves look so inviting! Yes, the children will find lots of engaging Pre-Language activities next to the beloved box of sandpaper letters.

The Cultural Studies shelf has a brand new fish bowl, an adorable box filled with an indoor herb garden, and some lovely works featuring the animals of North America. 

Your Art shelves are absolutely stunning! And, the darling new table cloth looks very inviting at the Snack Table. 

Your Peace Table this year has a special new battery operated candle and a wonderful little notepad for writing down solutions to conflicts.

And those new Practical Life activities are going to be a big hit with the children! 

The children's cubbies are all fresh with new name tags and the clean white work rugs look so nice in their new stand.

Even the Book Corner got a whole new shelf with some old familiar favorites along with that new set of National Geographic children's animal encyclopedias.

Those new watering cans in the Outdoor Classroom will be a delightful surprise for the children! 

And this year, you even added a little Writing Station with a set of scales and a tape measure so that the children can record their height and weight on their "All About Me" page to place in their individual portfolios. 

Lookin' great!

Oops...did you forget that you were going to set up an enticing Montessori music shelf where the children can practice their skills at reading, writing, counting, seriating, creating, listening, problem-solving, and appreciating the world of music?

Good thing you remembered this important area of your Montessori environment!

But wait...are you at a loss for ideas for this shelf? 

Below are pictured just a few activities from my own Montessori music shelf box that I am taking out of the storage room! 

Here at my Blog and also at my WEBSITE, you can find LOTS of articles that show you how to bring Montessori music to your group and have fun doing it.

I invite you to explore my Blog by entering key words (ex: "walking on the line") into the SEARCH window at the top of each page. You can also see a listing of my articles on Montessori music at this link: MUSIC.

Would you like to explore setting up these music activities with some coaching from me?

It's not too late to enroll in my upcoming eCourse, Musically Montessori: First Twelve Weeks. 

AND TAKE 10% OFF WITH COUPON CODE SUMMIT2016.   (Check out my music workshop in the Trillium Montessori Summer Summit HERE)

Lesson #3 of this twelve week eCourse will feature music from Tchaikovsky that children can march to and learn about the continent where he was born. 

Here's a sneak peek at what your music shelf can look like when featuring this composer's fun music for children!

Do you need to spruce up your stash of rhythm instruments for the children? 

Check out the instruments that I like and enter my Giveaway for a $100. Gift Certificate from West Music. YOU'VE STILL GOT A FEW HOURS TO ENTER! 

Click HERE to enter.

If you're not quite ready to sign up for my Musically Montessori eCourse, then consider signing up to be on my email list. Right here on the sidebar of this Blog!


When you sign up you will receive my eBook, "Musically Montessori: First Lessons" for FREE. That is a $12.99 gift from me to help you get your music curriculum started with a spark. 

Here's wishing you a wonderful and musical beginning to your new school year!

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Musically Montessori:Are You Looking for Musical Activities for Movement on the Montessori "Line"?


Scroll down to see the video!

Walking on "The Line" is a foundational aspect of the Montessori method, and we begin offering this activity to little ones from the very beginning. 

I have always been impressed with Dr. Montessori's emphasis on The Line activities and their importance for musical development in the child.

Montessori wrote:
"Introduction to Music:  The preparation of the motor organs for rhythmical gymnastic exercises may be seen in the exercise called 'walking on the line,' through which children acquire a perfect sense of balance. At the same time they learn how to control the movements  of their hands and feet." The Absorbent Mind, by Maria Montessori. 1952 p.286            

I've written other Blog articles about musical movement on "The Line" because I love this part of being in a Montessori environment. Children need to move in order to learn and music just makes us want to move!

Here are a few of my other articles:
Musically Montessori First Lessons #3: Let's Begin with Walking on the Line and Add Some Challenges.

The Montessori Line: A Place for Movement (Obstacle Course and more!)

Africa Inspired Balance Beam Fun with the Montessori "Line"

Musically Montessori #2: A Little About the Two Marias and The Montessori Preschool Music Curriculum

You can get the entire series of my Musically Montessori First Lessons Curriculum ($12.99 value) for FREE simply by joining my email list. Right here on my sidebar!


Then, you will be the first to know when I publish a new blog article or offer special deals on my TpT products and Musically Montessori eCourses!

Below, you will find one of the bonus videos I have created for my upcoming Musically Montessori eCourse: "Part One: Preparing For The Course". 

In this Bonus Video #3, I explain:

  •  The importance of children walking on The Line daily
  •  What kinds of shelf works you can set up 
  •  How to create an area in your environment for children to do Montessori Line activities   

The first day of the eCourse is August 28th, 2016. That's just  three weeks away! 

And, if you want to enter my giveaway for a $100. Gift Certificate from West Music, there is just ONE MORE WEEK LEFT for doing that! Here's that link: Musically Montessori Giveaway.

My article is part of the "Montessori Monday Link-up" at the Living Montessori Now site, where you'll find amazing resources from Deb Chitwood and many Montessori educators world-wide! Here is that link: Montessori Monday.

Thanks again for visiting my blog and I would love to hear your thoughts so, please don't hesitate to leave a comment in the section below!

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