Musically Montessori: With Children, Music Comes Naturally!

IF YOU ARE FEELING SHY ABOUT OFFERING MUSIC TO YOUR GROUP OF LITTLE ONES, PLEASE READ ON. The Montessori environment is perfect for music experiences!

Responding to music almost comes as second nature to young children and that makes music activities effortless and definitely engaging for these little ones. 

It's the new school year, and this year you want to offer a complete curriculum to your Montessori children. Not only the lovely Sensorial, Math and Language materials, the amazing Sensorial and Cultural Activities, but also a beautiful "studio setting" for the Arts, including cooking, gardening, drawing, painting, woodworking, and music!

The Montessori approach is such an ideal model of teaching to the "whole child" with its emphasis on inviting the child to explore this prepared environment that is sensory-rich, offering child-appropriate choices, and filled with versatile learning materials made of natural woods that appeal to the aesthetic sense. 

To offer all of these learning experiences to the young child can be so exciting, and at the same time, a bit intimidating! 

Here is the good news: When it comes to little children, music comes naturally! So, here is one area of learning that you can offer that gives the whole child the experiences that nurture every domain of learning. And, the children will be instantly engaged!

From babyhood, children respond to hearing music by moving every part of the body and their listening abilities are tuned to discerning the sounds around them so that they can develop the language skills they need. 

So, music is a natural for the early childhood setting! I know you are thinking about its importance in the daily life of your group, and I hope you have been able to get lots of ideas here at my Blog. If this is your first visit, please feel free to explore a little. (or a lot!) 

Click here: MUSIC, or type in a topic in the search bar to see my collection of articles about music in the Montessori environment.

One of my most popular articles is about introducing young children to music notation with hands-on games and Montessori style Sensorial activities. 

Click here to read that article: Montessori-Style "Sandpaper Music Notes" and Fun Extensions  

I have often been asked about my Montessori-style "sandpaper music notes", and sometimes readers have even asked where they can get them. 

Well, I made mine a long time ago, and the children really love them! So, I decided to make a DIY along with Lesson Plans on how to make and use Montessori-style "sand paper music notes". 

However, I don't offer the sand paper music notes until after the children have had lots of concrete experiences with everyday singing, music echo rhythms, focused listening activities, and playing rhythm instruments. 

I begin introducing all these engaging activities to the children during the first weeks of school, and they so enjoy every one of them!

Here is a video I made recently, featuring an audio clip of a Montessori group of 3 to 6 yr olds reciting echo rhythm patterns. We do these activities at every music circle and the children seem to never tire of them. On the contrary, they just get better and better at them!  

After a few weeks of practicing echo rhythms, the children are ready for exploring written music notation, the Montessori way! 

Here is my brand new Musically Montessori Lesson Plan Activity Pack at my TpT Store: Introducing Music Notation to Young Children and "Sandpaper Music Notes"

If you would like to set up your Montessori Music Curriculum with a sequential set of activities that build skills and bring all areas of music to your group, you might like to enroll in my on-line eCourse, Musically Montessori: First Twelve Weeks. 

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You can meet with me every Sunday and I will coach you along with a new music lesson plan that focuses on a basic concept of music that can be offered to the children in a fun way. 

You'll also learn my secrets of managing the group, offering a sequence that builds skills, and increasing your own skills as a Montessori educator.

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