Do You Have Your Montessori Music Shelf Ready For a Fun School Year?


Okay, so you have your sparkling Sensorial Area all set up. Your Math shelves look so inviting! Yes, the children will find lots of engaging Pre-Language activities next to the beloved box of sandpaper letters.

The Cultural Studies shelf has a brand new fish bowl, an adorable box filled with an indoor herb garden, and some lovely works featuring the animals of North America. 

Your Art shelves are absolutely stunning! And, the darling new table cloth looks very inviting at the Snack Table. 

Your Peace Table this year has a special new battery operated candle and a wonderful little notepad for writing down solutions to conflicts.

And those new Practical Life activities are going to be a big hit with the children! 

The children's cubbies are all fresh with new name tags and the clean white work rugs look so nice in their new stand.

Even the Book Corner got a whole new shelf with some old familiar favorites along with that new set of National Geographic children's animal encyclopedias.

Those new watering cans in the Outdoor Classroom will be a delightful surprise for the children! 

And this year, you even added a little Writing Station with a set of scales and a tape measure so that the children can record their height and weight on their "All About Me" page to place in their individual portfolios. 

Lookin' great!

Oops...did you forget that you were going to set up an enticing Montessori music shelf where the children can practice their skills at reading, writing, counting, seriating, creating, listening, problem-solving, and appreciating the world of music?

Good thing you remembered this important area of your Montessori environment!

But wait...are you at a loss for ideas for this shelf? 

Below are pictured just a few activities from my own Montessori music shelf box that I am taking out of the storage room! 

Here at my Blog and also at my WEBSITE, you can find LOTS of articles that show you how to bring Montessori music to your group and have fun doing it.

I invite you to explore my Blog by entering key words (ex: "walking on the line") into the SEARCH window at the top of each page. You can also see a listing of my articles on Montessori music at this link: MUSIC.

Would you like to explore setting up these music activities with some coaching from me?

It's not too late to enroll in my upcoming eCourse, Musically Montessori: First Twelve Weeks. 

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Lesson #3 of this twelve week eCourse will feature music from Tchaikovsky that children can march to and learn about the continent where he was born. 

Here's a sneak peek at what your music shelf can look like when featuring this composer's fun music for children!

Do you need to spruce up your stash of rhythm instruments for the children? 

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Here's wishing you a wonderful and musical beginning to your new school year!

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