Montessori Baby-Ed "Nido" Basket #4: Part 1: The Vlog

MONTESSORI BABY-ED: LOOK WHAT YOUR 4 MONTH OLD BABY CAN DO WITH MUSIC AND THE ARTS! This is Part One, the video /Vlog for "Nido Basket" #4 from my upcoming Montessori Baby-Ed eCourse coming in Spring 2017. The eCourse Lesson has 2 more additional instructional videos plus downloadable files for ten Activity Lesson Plans and mp3 music to go along with the activities. COMING SOON! CLICK HERE to learn more.

Photo by Amanda Cuartas

Wow, the things a 4-month-old can do! Nowadays, your baby is probably having lots of fun during "tummy time" and a picture of a trombone at Baby's eye level might just be very inspiring to her/him. Add a bit of beautiful trombone music playing in the background and Baby may even begin moving to the music in a rhythmic way! 

Click here for a nice mp3 of trombone music at Amazon: "Four Pieces For Trombone Song" 

Here's my introductory video for Month #4 with my ideas of how to set up a Montessori environment for your Baby and how to organize some fun activities for her based on Music and The Arts.

As a result of giving your Baby an environment based on Montessori principles, your four-month-old will be accustomed to moving freely and independently on her "playmat" on the floor. Visual mobiles are now replaced by "tactile mobiles" that Baby can grasp with her own hands and make the mobile move, even make a sound. ****Closely supervise your baby at all times when offering Montessori Baby-Ed Activities.

To learn more about the Montessori Baby in the first three months, check out my past posts at this link: Magical Movement Company: Montessori Baby-Ed Lessons and Activities 

Your Montessori baby at 4 or 5 months is thoroughly enjoying the exploration of objects in the environment that are within her reach and her sight, and we can offer Baby interesting activities that not only stimulate, but also fulfill your baby's basic need to move and interact with the surroundings (including people!).

I love this quote from one of my favorite Montessori books:
“What must the human child achieve in order to become a complete human being?  The development of the brain through sensorial awareness  and interaction with the immediate environment is the beginning of the journey.”   Montessori From the Start by Paula Polk Lillard and Lynn Lillard Jessen

This photo is an example of a little Montessori environment set up by my friend Amanda for her 4-month-old. Here you can see how big brother, who is three years old, gives Baby some auditory stimulation in a sweet and loving way!
Photo by Amanda Cuartas
Baby at this age loves getting a massage and this is stimulating to her developing muscles for crawling and walking.  You can extend the benefits by giving Baby the vocabulary: toes, legs, arms, back, etc. Singing your own little song about Baby's body as you massage each part adds immensely to the cognitive benefits! 

Here's a link to get you started with infant massage: "Parents: The Benefits of Baby Massage"

Photo by the artists at Dollar Photo Club

Swimming with your baby is another activity that Baby can enjoy along with the benefit of developing those large muscles of the arms, back and legs. 

Songs and swimming can be great fun for Baby. Here's the link to one of my favorite songs from Frank Leto, about the fun of swimming:  "Doing the Swim."   I sing this with my youngest grandchild when we're in the swimming pool and he loves it!

Photo by the artists at Dollar Photo Club

Of course, outdoor walks have a positive effect on not only the body, but the mind and spirit as well. Learn more about the cognitive benefits of outdoor activities at my past blog posts here:

Photo by the artists at Dollar Photo Club

And what about all the lovely activities that involve Music and The Arts for your baby! 

Here's a photo of what Baby's shelf might look like this month:

You can read the second part of this article at this link: Part Two: Montessori Baby-Ed "Nido Basket" #4: 10 Lessons 

I am so happy to have you visiting my blog today and I hope you have gotten lots of information for you and your little one to enjoy Montessori in your everyday activities!

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