Outdoor Classroom: The Benefits of the Bird Bath!


If you're thinking of the wonderful bird habitat in your outdoor classroom, the birdbath shouldn't be overlooked. It offers benefits not only for the birds, but for the children as well. The birds will definitely visit your outdoor environment if there is water for them. Now, to keep the water clean and fresh, that's when the children step in!

Filling the bird bath for the wild birds in the Montessori Preschool Outdoor Classroom
Photo by Carolyn at Magical Movement Company 

This Preschooler has carefully climbed the stepladder with his pitcher full of fresh water to fill the bird bath. Read on for more about this wonderful process and the steps that the child went through to get that clear, clean water for the birds.
4 yr old scrubbing the bird bath in the Montessori Outdoor Classroom

Photo by Carolyn at Magical Movement Company 

Each morning, the birdbath has to be taken down and the old water is dumped out. Then, comes the fun part: scrubbing it clean. Little kids love to scrub things! I think scrubbing is a rewarding activity for young children for several reasons. It's a form of "water play" (work!)  and it has an important "real world" purpose. Then, there's  that sparkling clean look of the freshly scrubbed object! 
I make sure that the children scrub with water only so there isn't a chance of soapy residue since the birds also drink from the birdbath. However, I also make sure that the children wash their hands (do use soap for this!) after scrubbing the birdbath, in the same way they would wash hands after handling a classroom pet.

Preschooler drying off the freshly scrubbed bird bath in the Outdoor Classroom
Photo by Carolyn at Magical Movement Company

Drying the freshly scrubbed birdbath is the next step. I have 
observed that little children take great pride in making the birdbath sparkly clean and shiny! Then, the birdbath is ready again for the birds to enjoy.

I think it is important to have a birdbath that is light weight and easy to clean. You'll also be hanging or mounting the birdbath up high enough for the birds to enjoy. I like this style of birdbath and here's the link: Songbird Garden

Here's the link for last month's post about little kids feeding the wild birds and the wonderful benefits for the children as well as the birds! Little Kids and A Bird Habitat
And, don't forget to set out nesting materials! Here's the blog post about that topic: Nesting Materials for the "Hummers"
As you can see, the Outdoor Classroom wild bird habitat is not just "for the birds!"

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