Little Kids, Music & the Glockenspiel with "High and Low"!


More High & Low activities with the little ones in music class this week. This time we listened to excerpts from Camille Saint Saens, Carnival of the Animals. The children enjoyed repeating his name as we said it as best we could in the French way!
French Composer, Camille Saint Saens: "The Carnival of Animals"

First, the selection titled "Fossils" in which the Xylophone is prominent and delightful! Since the children had played the Xylophone themselves last week, they recognized its sound immediately while we all listened very attentively.

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Then, we listened to the selection titled, "The Aquarium" in which there is the sparkly Glockenspiel playing throughout. 

Photo from the artists at Bigstock Photo

The children were wonderful at playing the Glockenspiel that I brought to class. They had already experienced the larger Xylophone (in an earlier lesson)  which is a little easier for small hands as the bars are larger and the mallets, too. So, when they got a chance at the smaller Glockenspiel, they used great control and played with both hands, in the middle of each bar, and with just the right touch to make it sound lovely!
I am always excited to see how many children play on the low bars and then the high bars, too. By now, many understand where the low tones are (longer bars to the left) and where the higher tones are! (shorter bars to the right)

I recently added a new page to my website called, STUFF FOR KIDS with some fun little kids videos about some of the activities from our Montessori music classes. 

Here's the video about one of the activities we do each week to  playfully warm up our voices...featuring High & Low.  I use a toy rocket ship as a prop to move up high & down low, which really helps the children get their singing voices up there!

                " I Take My Voice Up High" from Carolyn @ Magical Movement Company

In this post from 2012, I explained a little more about the Glockenspiel and there is a little video so you can see how it sounds. Here's the link: Glockenspiel: A brief history
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