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"Old Miss Sally"

This is a traditional and simple Movement song with a catchy little theatrical "bow" at the end of each phrase. I've always loved this Activity, because it is active, yet the "bow" after each action tends to calm down the energy. Great for teachers to not only give children opportunities to really move, but also to practice self control by reigning in the energy when taking a bow after each action.
Traditionally, this song has been titled, "Old Lady Sally" and that is the way you will most likely find it being performed. However, in the 1990's, when I was taking my Orff-Schulwerk music training, one of my teachers (Janet Greene) explained that she changed the words to "Old Miss Sally" because she thought that was a more respectful reference to the "old woman" in the song.
So I have always taught this song as "Old Miss Sally" and it works nicely that way.
Likewise, I have prepared my materials for presenting Extensions for this wonderful musical Activity with photos of happy, healthy and active seniors to continue the respectful and more appropriate image to be portrayed in the song!
This song has lots of room for participation from the children. Not only are they creatively moving according to the actions being sung about, they can also suggest the actions themselves! Working with the muscles of the body AND the brain!
And, we all know that songs with repetitive refrains (ex: "And, Old Miss Sally likes to bow!"aid in cognitive skills development. In this song: Language, vocabulary, and memory skills. 


~1. Old Miss Sally likes to jump up & down, jump up & down, jump up & down!
~2. Old Miss Sally likes to jump up & down...
~3. And, Old Miss Sally likes to bow.
~Repeat and change the action:
~4. Old Miss Sally likes to hop on one foot, hop on one foot, hop on one foot!
~5. Old Miss Sally likes to hop on one foot...
~6. And, Old Miss Sally likes to bow.
~Continue with new actions in each verse as long as the children are engaged
I always end this song in this way:
~7. Old Miss Sally likes to sit right down, sit right down, sit right down
~8. Old Miss Sally likes to sit right down
~9. And, Old Miss Sally likes to bow!

I've created a wonderful Lesson for this favorite song from my groups over the decades! You can access these activities and how to do them in my FREE eCourse,  "Let's All Sing: 5-Day Challenge." 


My groups always enjoy Movement Activities for the songs we love. "Old Miss Sally" is automatically a movement song! You can reinforce the fun of the movement with a classic Montessori-style shelf work for an individualized activity. 


Another classic Montessori individualized activity that is fun for reinforcing this song is a set of 3-Part Cards based on the lines from the song. 


A great way to engage children in a fun way is to create stick puppets to go along with the movement activities in this song. You can make these up yourself, or create a shelf work for the children to make their own!


I invite you to join hundreds of other Montessori educators who have been enjoying lots of musical activities from my "Let's All Sing" Musically Montessori eCourses.

Here are some of the comments from "Let's All Sing" eCourse Participants:

"My Montessori preschoolers loved this. Thank you so much for the idea ('Icky Sticky Bubblegum') and all the comprehensive materials you provided to prepare teachers to introduce this activity." from Sarah B.
"What a fun and simple song. I know that my children will love this. A great standing in line or transition song too." from Helen
"This is great!!!! We've been singing 'going on a lion hunt' since you sent out the freebie and my kiddos love it! Thanks for all you do!" from Beth B.

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