Musically Montessori Free & Fun: Let's All Sing The Bubblegum Song!

ARE YOU LOOKING AROUND FOR A FUN SONG WITH SOME SURPRISING COGNITIVE BENEFITS FOR YOUR PRESCHOOLERS? Here is my free Music Activity: "Icky, Sticky Bubblegum"... a favorite of my Montessori music groups!

"Icky, Sticky Bubblegum"
If you haven't yet discovered this funny little song, you'll be delighted to see how it can be used to develop vocabulary about the parts of the human body! To make this song really fun, I like to be very dramatic in acting out the motions and I also like to choose unusual body parts such as cheeks, jaws, elbows, forehead, etc. But don't forget some really funny ones for acting out like lips and nose and cheeks (hilarious!)
Great for your Cultural Unit about The Human Body! 
I like to combine these Activities today with my Music Unit #4, "Head & Shoulders, Baby" from my eCourse, "Let's All Sing: 15-Day Challenge."

This bubblegum song is fun for very young children, although they may not understand about bubblegum, in which case you can show pictures of people blowing bubbles with bubblegum before teaching the song to the children.

You can get my free Downloads, "Visuals of People Chewing Gum," when you enroll in my FREE "Let's All Sing" 5-Day Challenge HERE 


~1. "Icky-Sticky, icky-sticky, bubblegum"
~2. "Bubblegum...bubblegum!"
~3. "Icky-sticky, icky-sticky bubblegum"
~4. "And, it sticks right to my... elbows!" (Choose a part of the body, ex: elbows, cheeks, eyebrows, etc. Place the palms of the hands so they mimic being "stuck" to that part of the body, such as: "elbows.")
~5. Move palms up and down on the particular part of the body while singing "And, I pull it, and I pull it, and I pull it off!"
~6. Return to line 1 etc. of the song (see above)
~ Repeat:
~1. "Icky-sticky, icky-sticky bubblegum," etc... (continue with lines ~2, ~3...)
~4. "(And, it sticks right to my...") choose a new part of the body.
~5. Move palms up and down on the body part "And, I pull it, and I pull it, and I pull it off!"
~6. Return to line 1 and proceed as above with a different body part
Repeat ~1 through ~6 as long as children are engaged


~1.Clap palms together and flip hands over and under while keeping the steady beat.
~2. Continue to clap palms as above through ~3 of the song.
~4. Move palms of hands to the body partas if your hands are stuck to the body part by the sticky bubble gum.
~5. Move palms back and forth on the body part as if trying to get the sticky gum loose from the body part.
Repeat these actions (~1-5) with each new body part you sing about.


+Give each child a tambourine to tap instead of clapping palms of their hands together
+Children can hold a scarf in one hand and pretend it is the bubblegum
+ Invite children to stand during this song and they can move in larger ways(Ex: shoe is stuck to gum on the ground, knee is stuck to gum on the ground, elbow is stuck to gum on the ground, etc.)


Here is a Youtube video showing the motions to the song:

+ Individualized Shelf Work for 2 or more children: Print off pictures of parts of the human body and place them in a basket. One child picks a picture and then both children sing the song including that body part. You can purchase my set of cards to go along with this Activity at my TpT Store. (see below)

If you would like to create a little "Curriculum Unit" featuring this song...
I have produced some fun Language and Movement Activities with Printables and Templates for more musical fun for your group. 
Here is what is in my TpT Pack to complement today's Lesson:
~Visuals of people chewing bubble gum
~Montessori-style Command Cards to go along with the song lyrics
~"Icky Sticky" rhyming words cards (Great for using with the Moveable Alphabet)
~Body Parts visual cards for creating individualized shelf work games
~A Write-up including instructions on how to do the activities and links to hear and see the song being performed.


~Refining Large Motor Skills
~Developing the singing voice
~Enriching vocabulary
~Creatively exploring and coordinating movement to music
~Preparing for writing and reading


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Thank you again for visiting my Blog today. I hope you have discovered some fun musical activities for your group!

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