Stock Your Montessori Music Shelves For Months With My Freebie Collection! Part One


****This post is Part One of my Two Part Series featuring the first twelve free resources at Magical Movement Company's "Subscriber's Freebie Collection" in these categories: 
  • My eBook, "Musically Montessori, First Lessons"
  • Practical Life Activities 
  • Sensorial Activities 
  • Pre-Math and Language Activities 

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  • Basic Music Concepts
  • Cultural and Seasonal
  • Montessori Baby-Ed
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By now, most parents and educators realize the important and positive effects early music experiences have upon children.

Just in case you need more reasons...
to see my articles on rationale for early music and arts education.

Over the past months, I have been busily updating my website and one of the newest things I added is a Subscriber's Freebie Collection. Many of these free resources have been part of my Montessori Magic Friday series and some were created with my subscribers in mind. 

I felt like I wanted to grow my subscribers list, but even more than that, I wanted to thank all of you who are already subscribing to my email and newsletter updates. 

My list is steadily growing and I so appreciate all of you who do subscribe. Currently, there are more than 7,500 educators on my email list and they include teachers, parents, and administrators from all over the world. 

And, I have also updated my email platform to make it easier for me to send out more timely newsletters and for you to get them. Even though it has taken me a while, I am gradually figuring out the fine tuning of this blogging thing!


So, I wanted to show you just how you can set up a beautiful Montessori music shelf in your environment. Below, I have listed and categorized all of my current free resources ( I am always adding more, too!) 

I hope this helps you see just how important it is to include music as one of your curriculum areas and just how easy it is to set up engaging shelf works for your group. 

Each of my free downloads includes instructions for how to create and use the resources for your children. And, don't forget that I have gazillions of blog articles chock full of Montessori music (and Arts) activities you can access over the school year to keep your music curriculum fun and engaging for the children.

CLICK ON THE LINKS to check out some of my Blog articles about: 

BEGIN with my Musically Montessori eBook!

Yes, all these resources are free to my subscribers!

This eBook sells for $12.99 retail. But, my subscribers get it for free! Over 150 pages of Montessori Activities for Music and Movement in your environment. 

Some Fun & Musical Practical Life Activities!

A Little About The History of Music in the Montessori Environment

Lots of Montessori “Line” Activities with a Musical Slant!

Focused Listening Games & Their Importance

The “Silence Game” and Developing Body Coordination

Warming Up the Hands, Voice & Breathing for Music Class

Rhythm Echoes, Funny Singing & Learning a New Song

Let's Begin with Echo Singing

Musically Montessori: A Hundred Songs

The First 20 All-Time Favorites from the Montessori Music Room


~ Play Dough Mat: "Make Music Notes to Place on the Staff" 
~ Montessori Style COMMAND CARDS for movement on "The Line"  
~ Command Cards for Music Warm-ups
~ Visuals for Music Circle
~ Word Card for the Little Pony Song

AND, my subscribers can also download my music mp3 version of "The Little Pony Song", which I sing with my groups just about daily! 


~ Every Montessori group usually has a morning greeting song. "Where's Mary" is a sweet little traditional song that I learned from a wonderful teacher years ago in the mountains of North Carolina. My groups love adding fun places where the child is NOT! 

~ My "Make a Musical Shaker Command Cards" are a set of simple picture/ command cards that can be used as a self-directed activity for children to make their own musical shakers from recycled small plastic bottles.

~ The "Musically Montessori Cutting Strips" are some of my favorite shelf activities for a fun musical way to practice using scissors, based on the traditional "Cutting Lines Activities" in the Montessori curriculum.



~ Montessori blends well with the Orff-Schulwerk Music Education pedagogy. (CLICK HERE to learn more about Orff-Schulwerk) 
I have created 2 packets of Montessori-style activities that are based on a principle part of Orff-Schulwerk...Echo Singing and Echo Rhythms. 

~ The "Echo Singing Song Cards" download has a set of my favorite echo songs for singing with young children. You can print off the cards with the words to the songs and then place them in sheet protectors so they can be added to your Classroom Song Book.  Don't have a Classroom Song Book? You'll see how easy it is to create one with the instructions included in this Activity Pack. 

~ My "Black and White Instrument Matching Cards" offer a fun and musical way for children to refine the visual sense and advance their visual discrimination skills.


~ I love the "Gourd Rattle Matching Pattern Cards" because I really love gourd rattles! These cards go well with making gourd rattles! CLICK THE LINK where you can read more about that at my article: "Montessori Magic Friday: Make a Gourd Rattle."

~ My little mp3 recording of one of my groups chanting and drumming the "Cherokee Work Song" goes along with the gourd rattle activities above!   

~ The "Steady Beat Command Cards" are a fun set of cards to place in the environment for children to explore alone or with a small group together. CLICK THE LINK to read the article from my blog: "Musically Montessori: Got Steady Beat? Get My New Vlog!"

~ "Children and Music Go Together" 3-Part Cards are traditional Montessori-style 3-part cards featuring children playing musical instruments. The cards help children develop vocabulary and may even inspire them to play an instrument! 

~ "Instrument Families of the Orchestra" 3-Part Cards are also traditional Montessori-style 3-part cards. This set features the 4 families of the Orchestra instruments: Brass, Strings, Woodwinds, and Percussion.  

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