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Seasoned teachers know that singing songs, dramatizing, and playing instruments are very engaging ways for children to absorb concepts. Fire safety is an important concept that can be presented to young children in these ways and I've curated some free resources for you right here in this post!

When you have some older Preschoolers in your group (5 and 6 yr olds), they will be able to do this song and activity after you have demonstrated it yourself. Then, the younger children (3 and 4 yr olds) will enjoy participating when they have seen how it is done.

In my mp3 download below,  you can listen to the way I tell the story of going camping, discovering there is fire on my clothes, and then...stopping, dropping and rolling around to put the fire out.

At group time, the first time I introduce the song, I myself do the actual motions in the little story. I pretend to be walking along, then discover fire on my clothes, then I sing the song while doing the motions: "Stop, drop and roll around...roll around...roll around. Stop, drop and roll around...if fire gets on your clothes." 

To download my rendition of this song:
2. You will land at my dropbox, where you can preview the song
3. There is a link in the top right hand corner of the page where you can click Download. (or, there is a series of dots ... where you can click to access the drop down menu to find Download) The mp3 of the music will download to your computer.
4. I prepared this song so that you could hear the melody I sing and how I tell the little story. 

Here are the words to the song:

In my groups, I have always kept a Classroom Songbook. This is usually a 1/2 in binder with several pages (preserved in sheet protectors) of the words to our favorite songs. The above song words page is part of my FREE FIREFIGHTER ACTIVITY UNIT at my Subscriber's Freebie Collection at my website: Magical Movement Company.

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Another "Stop, Drop, and Roll" song that I really like is this one from Victor Johnson performed in the following Youtube video.   

You can download Victor's song at Amazon by clicking this link: Fire Safety Songs by Victor Johnson. His album has some other songs that give children important information about fire safety. 

****IMPORTANT note: There are several important safety lessons to teach children. There are times when you DON'T want to stop, drop and roll, but rather, you want to get out of the building! Actually, the "Stop, drop and roll" practice is taught for when fire happens to get on your clothes, since running with fire on your clothes will feed the fire and make it worse.  However during a fire, it's important for children to know how to get out of the building first, and so you will be practicing fire drills often with your children.

To find out more about best fire safety practices for children CLICK this link: CA Fire Safety For Children. There is even a free  lesson plan you can download from that site.  

As you will learn from my mp3 above, I first introduce the "Stop, Drop and Roll Around" Song as a little dramatization. Acting it out appeals to young children, and also gives them a chance to practice exactly how to stop, drop and roll...if fire gets on your clothes. This little drama play is very engaging for the children.

I discovered some nice extensions for creating reminders that can be incorporated into the children's drama play. 

Here is a lovely FREE resource at Teachers Pay Teachers.

This activity pack below is also a FREE resource at Teachers Pay Teachers. The little scenarios can easily be acted out by the children.


Many Preschool groups have a visit from or a visit to the Fire Department during this time of year. And, if your group hasn't already learned this sweet little action song, then you can teach them during your Fire Safety Unit.

After the children know the song, you can introduce triangles or finger cymbals for the children to play during the "Ding, ding" parts of the song. You can hear how Lynn Kleiner does this in the video below:

Playing instruments along with singing this little song, is a lovely "performance piece" that the children can create for their families or just for fun in your classroom.


To reinforce the Stop, Drop and Roll Activity, I have placed this book in the book corner and read it to the children during story time. I recommend reading it through yourself before placing it in the environment, to see if you think it is appropriate for your age group. 

When I was preparing this Blog post, I was so disappointed to find that the ALL TIME FAVORITE BOOK (and song) in our toddler group has gone out of print and very difficult to purchase these days. 

Since becoming a music specialist in 2013, I have not been a classroom teacher for a while, and so I didn't know that this book is no longer available. If you happen to have it around, I would definitely make copies and laminate it since you can't actually purchase it nowadays! Our group always enjoyed hearing the wonderful recording of the song that is actually sung by the author.  

In case you can't access the actual book, you can have it read (and sung) to your child at this Youtube video HERE. 


For your language area, this is a shelf work that can be filled out by the older Preschoolers who are well established in their letter sounds after working with the Montessori sandpaper letters and moveable alphabet. 

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More Montessori Resources That Aren't Free

I am so happy to have you visiting my Blog today and I hope that you found some useful free resources for your Fire Safety activities with your group!

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