Musically Montessori: "Children and Music Go Together" Photo Essay

THEY SAY A PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS...I AGREE. DO YOU? This Photo Essay gives a little peek into the music and children of my life so far.
The children in the above photo are enjoying music in one of my studio classes in Willits, CA (2011)

It was a delight to walk into one of the schools where I teach Montessori Music classes and find this unique bulletin board display of me with the children in one of our music classes.  I do truly love my job as a Montessori classroom music specialist! You can read more about Little Flowers Montessori HERE.

Little Flowers Montessori School Bulletin Board (2015)

These little ones are inseparable and they always enjoy making music together! The one on the right is just 2 years old. Here's more about Kiran's Montessori School.

Kiran's Montessori (2016)

Years ago, when I went to Fiji to teach little children, I discovered that they were going to teach me a lot more than I taught them. In fact, to this day, the children's songs I learned in Fijian are my favorites of all children's songs I sing. Read more about my Cultural Travel Project in Fiji HERE.

Nasinu Village, Fiji Islands (1996)

When you're fortunate enough to have the beautiful Montessori Brass Bells in your classroom, it makes you feel like every child is a budding Mozart. More info about Fountainhead Montessori School HERE.

Fountainhead Montessori (2012)

The first time I played my autoharp for my youngest grandchild, he was a little shy about touching the instrument. A few months later he wasn't shy at all!

My Little Grandson (2016)

I've felt so lucky to be able to make music with all my grandchildren over the years.  The photo below is one of those the Montessori Preschool with my granddaughter a few years ago. The Montessori Center of Pearl Harbor in Hawaii is located in the landmark historic Post Office building on the Base. 

My Little Granddaughter (2006)

During my time as the Director of a Co-Op Nursery School in Geyserville, CA, we always played lots of music at our annual Halloween fund raiser. This was one of our promotional photos for the local news.

River Valley Nursery School (1998)

Moving to music comes naturally to little children. These boys are exploring the concept of "pitch" in music. Up high and down low.

Kiran's Montessori (2016)

The intense concentration and imaginative exploration shown by the children is always a pleasure to observe. The boy in this photo created a little conversation with the castanets.

Fountainhead Montessori (2015)

The very youngest student in one of my groups began to play a fairly steady beat right away when she discovered a different way to play her castanets. 

Kiran's Montessori (2017)

The joy on the children's faces is probably the greatest pleasure of all. There's just nothing quite like making music. More about Big City Montessori HERE.

Big City Montessori (1993)

It's a joy for me, too. Making music makes me complete! This picture below is our Rumpus Dance from our "Where the Wild Things Are"  musical performance at my little Montessori school overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Mendocino almost 30 years ago. The children spent weeks creating their wild things masks and practicing our dance.

Albion Children's House, Albion CA (1989)

To keep my heart and soul nourished, I often have to simply sing somewhere out in the forest. This photo is a cherished moment in time when I could sing my heart out with Edison Chiloquin, the last chief of the Plaikni tribe of Southern Oregon. We were singing Gene Autry cowboy songs in the high desert piney woods. Watch this video about Edison's amazing story HERE. 

Plaikni Village, Chiloquin Oregon (1994)

Lastly, and most important. When in with somebody!

Thank you for visiting my Blog today. I am sure you have photos of your children enjoying music in your environment. There's a reason why children love musical experiences...CHILDREN AND MUSIC GO TOGETHER.

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