Nostalgia For Family Songs And Summer Days Gone By...


In the Northern Hemisphere, we are beginning to feel the crisp touch of Autumn in the air and the sweet nostalgia of summer days (and songs) gone by!

Think about will probably remember a sweet song or two that brings to mind the summer days of languishing with family on a sunny vacation beach or next to a cool mountain stream.

With the busy season of returning to school, you might be feeling the same nostalgia that I am feeling during this time of year. Longing for the long, lazy days of summer! That summer season filled with vacations, family gatherings, treks in nature, and sweet adventures that take us out of our everyday routines. If you are like me, you probably have a few songs that trigger those fond memories of cherished summer moments with family and friends.

During the last few weeks of August, I enjoyed a special time with my daughter, daughter-in-law, grandchildren and my oldest girl friend. I had forgotten how rejuvenating a summer vacation can be, especially just before the back-to- school frenzy is upon us! And, musical experiences are always a great way to solidify the fond memories of getting together with loved ones who live far away!

My oldest friend hosted our summer family gathering at her home in San Francisco, and that's how this summer's musical memories started! We went to the Broadway show, "Beautiful" that featured the life and music of Carole King and was just chock full of happy memories of upbeat songs from the '60's, when I was a teenager!

What was fun for me in this week's classroom music lessons with the little children was our fun game exploring steady beat in music. 

You can read more about Musically Montessori steady beat activities at my past article by clicking here: "From The Montessori Music Room: Is It A Steady Beat?"

One way to really experience the concept of steady beat is to dance to music with a strong underlying beat, and the favorite of my elementary group was "Locomotion" which just happened to be composed by Carole King!

So, now when I listen and dance with my music students, I have a fond memory from my family summer adventures this year.

You can check out the Musically Montessori Lesson Plan for Steady Beat/ No Steady Beat at my Teachers Pay Teachers shop at this link: "Is It A Steady Beat?"

Later in my summer family vacation, I was just about in seventh heaven when I traveled to L.A. with my teenaged grandchildren from Japan, to meet our newest edition to the family.  Of course, we all sang songs to our newest little one who is almost 1 year old! So, there I was with all three of my grandchildren, singing funny songs, dancing with baby, and creating more musical memories of summer and family.

I got my autoharp out for my toddler grandchild, and sang him some funny animal songs, which reminded me of a delightful summer vacation just about 10 years ago when I sang those same funny animal songs with my granddaughter's preschool class in Hawaii. Once again, those musical memories that are so close to my heart!

Summer 2016

Summer 2006

Well, the thing about "nostalgia" is that it can go on and on...! Yet, we've got to eventually get back to the familiar routine of life after summer vacation. 

Luckily, we have those songs in our heads and in our hearts that can bring us instantly back to those lazy summer days with family and friends!

If you'd like to explore steady beat with your group, you might enjoy the current lesson in my Musically Montessori eCourse, "First Twelve Weeks". The wonderful thing about on-line eCourses is that you can enroll just about anytime and you can study at your own pace, too. 

Here's the link to my eCourse site: Musically Montessori "First Twelve Weeks".

Thank you so very much for visiting my Blog and I hope you enjoyed it! I love to hear from please leave a comment below. 

What summer memories do you have that are all tied up with music and family?

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