The Montessori "Line": A Place for Movement!


A hallmark of the Montessori method is a wonderful activity called "movement on the line" and offering children this fun lesson daily is a great way to help children develop skills in balance & coordination. Click this link for more info: Wikisori: Walking on the Line

The photos in the article are by Carolyn at Magical Movement

There are so many ways to have children enjoy movement on "The Line", and adding an Obstacle Course can really enliven the day for a everyone. I like to set up an obstacle course along the line in the classroom about once a week for a nice variation to the daily "line" activity. If your environment has a taped or printed "line" for the children to practice movement, then you can add challenges like a tunnel and a balance beam and voila: Obstacle Course!

I place the movement equipment right on the taped line on the circle or group gathering area. So the children walk around in a single file line. A continuous "line" (as opposed to a straight line with a beginning and end) works best for this type of Obstacle Course, so that the children keep moving along. Sometimes, its fun to add a masking tape "arrow" to show children the direction in which to be moving. 

This mix-and-match balance beam set is from Lakeshore Educational Supply Company at this link: Beginning Balance Beam Set.

It's fun to vary the "obstacles" by placing balance saucers on the line for a little change. I usually limit the pieces of equipment I place on the Obstacle Course "Line" to a variety of three for any one day. These saucers, or sometimes called "wobble boards", are also at Lakeshore. (see link above) 

The children in my group also enjoyed a small sized ladder laid flat on the floor. Some children walked in between the rungs and others tiptoed over the tops of the rungs. I happened to have a small ladder from an old children's bunk bed set that was just the perfect size.

There are many other things you can add to your obstacle course: 

There are some great ideas for your Montessori style Obstacle Course in Diane Craft's book, Movement Matters. You can find this great book at this link:

You might like to check out my blog post about this must-have book & the fun Montessori movement activities you can create for your group. Here's the link to my post: Africa-inspired Balance Beam Activities for the Montessori Environment.

A nice instrumental music piece on your sound system can give an enjoyable and inviting touch to your Obstacle Course Activity! My favorite is from Sanford Jones, Walking on the Line cd that can be purchased at this link: Montessori

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