Little Kids and the Fancy French Horn!


 The little kids have really been enjoying our exploration of the instrument families and this week was more about the exciting "Brass Family!" Check out these past posts for information on a good cd for orchestra instrument exploration and also where to buy miniature instruments:
Little Kids & the String Family

Introducing the Orchestra to Little Children

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 Who can resist the wild sound of the trombone?! Our group was a little surprised to hear the trombone playing and there were lots of giggles with excitement since the trombone effects people that way!

The miniature trombone I passed around was fun and the children were of course fascinated that this instrument has no key buttons to press to make a melody. (the melody is made by moving the "slide" forward and back)

Pretending to play the trombone by creating an imaginary instrument with our hands and arms was a great way to enjoy the sliding trombone sound. 

Here's a little video from youtube that shows how the trombone is played. Your little one may enjoy this trombone rendition of the song from "Frozen":

UNFORTUNATELY, the little miniature trombone doesn't make any sound and the slide doesn't move...
FORTUNATELY, some of my classes had the treat of seeing Ms Mimi play her trombone for us! (Thank you Mimi, for bringing your trombone in and sharing your fun circus song with us!)

Next, we listened to French Horn music, which really got the children moving, since it was a marching song!

We all agreed that the French Horn has a very exciting and quite "brassy" sound.

Check out this fun little video on my Facebook page featuring my good friend, Oliver, playing with his 9th grade Brass Band at the Farmer's Market last weekend. He's playing the French Horn! Here's the link to that FB post:

Here's hoping you enjoy the Brass Family as much as we have!

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