Little Children Enjoying the Excitement of the Brass Instruments!


Get ready for some excitement when you first introduce the Brass Family of instruments to young children! Little ones are such sensitive "musicians" they will pick up immediately on the zaniness of this group of instruments and there may be lots of giggles of excitement in music class.

Brass Section of the Orchestra (All photos from the artists at Bigstock Photos)

We had such fun exploring the sounds of the trumpet and also the tuba during our Preschool music classes this week!

The children are becoming accustomed to the miniature models of the various orchestra instruments that I bring in each week. I think they really enjoy seeing the small versions of real instruments up close and the Brass Family are shiny and even more fun!

We always begin by rubbing gently around the edges of the ear to get ready for listening and then I play excerpts from my favorite cd for the children:

This cd is available on Amazon at this link: Baby's First Instruments of the Orchestra (not just for babies, by any means---and unfortunately not available for downloading currently)

The children were delighted with the sound of the trumpet and became very animated! The sounds of the Brass instruments are very energizing! (great for marching with little flags)

Photo from Carolyn's archives

I like to feature the tuba next since it is such a contrast to the sound of the trumpet and very dramatic. I remind the children to prepare their ears for listening and that they might be a bit surprised since the Tuba sounds very, very, very low!


Makes you want to celebrate and dance like a clown!
And, of course, the children love to touch and see up close the miniature tuba.
Even though I truly love the String Family of Instruments, you can't beat the excitement generated by those big "oompah" sounds of the Brass!

Happy May! Hope you can celebrate with your children in a big way! Try going outside with a selection of children's instruments and have a parade to celebrate the beautiful weather! (Don't forget the drums and cymbals...outside is a great place for those.)

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