"Freeze Dance" with a "Ti-ti-ta" Twist in Preschool Music Class!


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I really like the fun movement activities that we use in our Preschool Music classes! Many are from the Bushfire Press Curriculum:

As the founder of Magical Movement Company, I firmly believe that we all learn better through movement, and so each Music Class I teach has a movement component at the beginning! 

This week's movement activity was called  "Stop & GO" from the Music Room curriculum and it was based on the rhythm pattern: "Ti-Ti-Ta".

In the world of Music Education for little kids (ex: Orff-Schulwerk), the quarter note is often called "Ta" in counting out rhythms. And, the eighth note is called "Ti."

So, we danced to a kind of "Freeze Dance" with a fun little twist. The music was lively and fun and then when we heard a whistle play the "Ti-Ti-Ta" pattern, we were to either freeze, or resume dancing! 

This was a bit of a challenge,(but oh-so fun!) because the music didn't actually stop (like most Freeze Dance activities). We were to listen for the "Ti-Ti-Ta" pattern played on the whistle and then freeze...when the whistle played again, we began our dance again! All the while, the lively dance music played on!

Listen for the whistle to blow the "Ti-Ti-Ta" pattern!


By the end of the song, every child had figured out how (and when) to move or not move...they also recognized the fun "Ti-Ti-Ta" pattern...and you better believe that they were really sharpening up on their listening skills, as well as coordination & muscle control! Just what us grown-ups want them to get better & better at...

Thanks ever so much for reading this post and feel free to write your thoughts in the comment section below. Do your kids enjoy Freeze Dancing as much as we do?! I would love to hear from you.

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