Little Children & "The Percussion Family"!


Our music classes were filled with rhythms and the fun sounds from the Percussion section of the orchestra. The children enjoyed listening to the music selections from the Percussion family and exploring keeping a rhythm with our own castanets!

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We started our lesson by listening to various examples from the Percussion family: snare drum, the bass drum, the cymbals & even the big kettle (or timpani) drum.

All the children understood perfectly why the Percussion players usually sit toward the back of the Orchestra!

Next, we listened to some of the tuned percussion instruments, and many children remembered playing the child-sized Glockenspiel and the Xylophone during some of our earlier classes.

 Next, we discovered that the Piano is also considered a percussion instrument and we listened to some more music from Camille Saint-Saens, "Carnival of Animals."
This music titled, "Hens & Roosters" was supposed to sound like chickens pecking!

I just happened to have an interesting little toy from Europe, I call "Chicken Percussion," that mimics the sound of chickens pecking  and each child had fun exploring this fun little percussion toy!

When you pull on the bead that holds all the strings connecting to the little wooden chickens on the wooden paddle, the percussion sound that results sounds a little like  pecking.

We all had fun playing castanets and playing rhythms together..."ta-ti-ti-toe..." !

You can see & hear more of our little group rhythms at this link on my website page: STUFF FOR KIDS "Video: Rhythm Echoes"
Hope you enjoy!

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