Little Children Feeling "At Home With Music"!


With many families enjoying Spring Break at home with their little children, it's fun to have some music in the atmosphere! I always have to smile when I hear a child or two commenting on some of the song selections we play or sing along to in Music Classes. Recently, we've been doing a vocal warm-up with "One Love"  (here's the link for the fun cd:  
One of the five yr olds said, "My parents play that song, it's Bob Marley!" 

I've been told that some homes have a little "dance session" at the end of the day, just before bath & bed time.

Others tell me that their family loves to play quiet music in the background during the family dinner.

Most parents definitely mention that their Preschoolers have favorite cd s that they play at bedtime to help their children relax and fall asleep. 

If you're having a "dance session", I highly recommend Frank Leto's cd, Frank Leto's Steel Band Jamboree (click here for more info) and if you add rhythm instruments the dancing is even more fun!
My favorite site for buying instruments is

One of the sweetest little napping/sleeping cd s is from Frank Leto again. This link is at iTunes:  Frank Leto Quiet Time but you can also get any of his cd s and more at his website. (see above link)

Hope you and your family have a wonderful Spring Break with lots of music at home!

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