The Outdoor Classroom & Making Art!


Here are some fun, easy, artsy things that mix art and the outdoors...
I love this simple and wonderfully fragrant little garden bracelet you can make from lavender flowers!

All Photos taken by Carolyn at Magical Movement Company 

Children enjoy cutting lavender and then putting the fragrant flowers inside a small bandana to create a potpourri  bracelet. Rolling up the bandana is half the fun! Then, someone else can tie the fragrant "bracelet" around the child's wrist. I have bought packages of bandanas from Michaels and also, JoAnns Art supply stores and then I cut the bandanas in half or in quarters depending on the size of the bandana.(One package goes a long way)

Our little ones LOVE to pluck kernels from Flint or Indian Corn, so we added some extensions to this popular outdoor activity. I always buy lots of this corn during the Fall and then the children can do the activity all year long. The Flint corn lasts and lasts! 

After plucking off the kernels with tweezers, the children take the kernels to the mortar & pestle and crush them up to feed to the wild birds. SAVE THE CORN HUSKS for making little corn husk dolls!

Just fold over one of the husks from the Indian corn and wrap a pipe cleaner around to create the arms for the dolly. Then use markers to add a face.

Hopefully your environment offers lots of art materials for children to explore in their own way. Here's a photo from our Preschool Art Area:

Children fill up their "art buckets" with everything they will need to make their creations. "Free Choice" art areas give children opportunities to engineer their ideas into reality! Lots of creative thinking and problem-solving skills continue to develop in this exploration of art materials.

"Free Choice" art bins can include: 

  • scissors
  • a variety of markers, crayons, colored pencils 
  • special kid-friendly ink pens 
  • tape 
  • staplers 
  • glue & glue sticks 
  • pipe cleaners 
  • variety of materials for collage, (including nature objects)
  • lots of kinds of paper 
  • tracing templates
  • water color sets
  • stamps & stamp pads
  • hole punch
  • brads & paper clips
  • rulers & pencils
  • play dough & clay tools 

My favorite "masterpiece" is the original work pictured below: paper sculpture construction made by a 4 yr old titled, "Wheel Barrel."

 photo signature_zps350a142e.png

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