Little Kids, Music & Singing: "We Love Opera"!


Our December Kindermusik Unit featured Mozart's opera, "The Magic Flute" and the children (and I!) fell in love with opera. By the last class session, we were uninhibited about dressing up like kings, queens, princes and princesses, parading around regally, and singing in our strong opera voices!

I decided to present a kid-friendly version of the story of the Magic Flute and the children were entranced. Our Kindermusik unit, "Sing a Story"offered wonderful short pieces from the opera, performed by seasoned opera singers in stage productions from all over the world.

We used puppets to distinguish a "solo" performance from a "duet," and we even sang a familiar song,"Star Light-Star Bright," using beginning sight reading of basic notation. It is such fun to see preschoolers jump at the challenge to use their most beautiful singing voices.

Here is a video of the fun duet of Papageno (the bird catcher) and Papagena (the lady bird catcher):

          Papageno and Papagena singing with joy when they first meet (from "The Magic Flute" by Mozart)

Singing is one of the best ways to express emotions,  get work done, celebrate happy occasions, and honor sad ones, as well. 

When my son was in his early teens, he attended The Arthur Morgan School, a Montessori-based middle school located in the  Celo Community in Western North Carolina. Each morning, the whole school began the day with a "Morning Sing" before going off to their academic classes, daily chores and rugged adventures in the world of nature. 

When my son passed away in 2010, there were elaborate ceremonies performed by the Navy (he was on active duty when he died) and beautiful memorial services with music and singing. But, one of the most meaningful remembrances of my son, Cal, was the current students at the Arthur Morgan School honoring his passing by singing for him at their "Morning Sing" that week.

My heart goes out to the families in Connecticut who have lost a family member in the recent tragedy, and I hope there are songs that are sung, along with the condolences, in remembrance of those children and teachers.

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