Benefits of Music: Giraffes & Stress...Consider a "Music Energizer Tonic!"


A stressed out giraffe walks into a Veterinarian's office looking mighty tired.

Vet says, "You look like you could use one of Carolyn's "music energizer tonics"
Here is the recipe for "Carolyn's Music Energizer Tonic":

  • large portion of free-form dance
  • medium portion of listening to relaxing music
  • generous portion of the perfect size instrument to play in whatever ways you can think of...
  • lots of bubbles
  • one simply happy song to sing
  • smidgen of colorful photos of harpsichords
  • pinch of re-producing animal sounds of your choice
  • enormous portion of smiles, giggles and belly laughs
  • tickling is optional, but produces a long-lasting euphoric effect
  • mix well and enjoy
I discovered this amazing "tonic" after I had gone through some very stressful times myself and it has been the best combination of stress-reducers I have found to date.
If you are lucky enough to have a young child in your home then you have all the ingredients for this amazing & energizing tonic at your fingertips and at anytime! Just put on some music and cut loose!

 Let's Dance!

Hope you enjoy dancing at home with your favorite dance partner!

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